You’re gonna get hurt…gardening

Everyone loves to tell a new CrossFitter how dangerous it is to CrossFit. You go to the FREE trial class, leave there all pumped about your new lifestyle choice and BOOM! The critics begin to weigh in. No one loves to crush a dream more than your family and friends on Facebook!

Add changing your nutrition? Go Paleo? That crap is not healthy and no caveman ever ate like you’re eating. Why are you bothering with all these kooky changes?

Human nature is such that we want to keep our “people” in our particular tribe. We don’t want them venturing out and making changes…changes are scary and threatening to our own personal believe system.


As a CrossFit box owner, this is what I have to say  kocaeli escort . Any time you physically assert yourself, in any fashion, there is a small risk that you may hurt yourself. Run down the block, twist an ankle. Lift your toddler, tweak a muscle in your shoulder. Bend over wrong to lift a bag of groceries, take your back out. Gardening…now gardening has created quite a demand for Ben Gay and Advil. Leaning over in the dirt all day, can seriously wreck backs, ankles and shoulders!

All these reasons and a hundred more, are WHY CrossFit is so beneficial. Yes, you may leave a little skin on the box and yes, you might rip a callous on the rig but what you gain is so much more valuable. Once you become a CrossFitter for a few months, you realize how easily you’re now hefting up your toddler. Swinging the groceries out of the cart? No problem. Lugging the laundry or spending the day cleaning up the yard? It’s a breeze, simply because you ARE a CrossFitter. izmit escort  Functional fitness, my friend. CrossFit is all about helping individuals “function” optimally in their every day lives.

You’ll also, meet the nicest group of people at the box. Health minded individuals, are people who care about themselves. People who care about themselves, are generally happier people. Like minded people, support one another. You will never go to a CrossFit and feel judged. Even the best athlete there, will cheer the slowest to keep going. The CrossFit mentality, is to bring your fellow man up WITH you…not push him down and climb over him like your “frenemies” on Facebook just did to you, when you posted that killer pic of your newly found abs.

So, you’re taking care of the physical tasks in your life like a BOSS. You’re waking up full of energy…and a little sore from yesterdays WOD, but, oh it feels soooo good. You’ve made a new circle of friends and increased your community. You’ve had to poke more holes in your belt, because your pants are getting looser by the day.

Yes, your friends are right. CrossFit IS dangerous. Dangerous to your sedentary lifestyle and declining health. It IS better to not get fit, struggle through your day trying to get everything done, without 7 cups of coffee for energy and looking chubbier by the year til your jeans no longer fit…said NO ONE, ever!



This Grandmother CrossFits at SC CROSSFIT 165 along with her daughter AND her grand daughter. So, really it’s THREE generations!