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Everyone loves to tell a new CrossFitter how dangerous it is to CrossFit. You go to the FREE trial class, leave there all pumped about your new lifestyle choice and BOOM! The critics begin to weigh in. No one loves

Why CrossFit is like Marriage Counseling.  Marriage counseling is not traditional "talk therapy". Marriage counseling is designed to teach two people how to offer the best version of themselves to one another. The strongest marriages, are formed by people who

In typical CrossFit fashion, the announcement of 16.1 was both dramatic and thought provoking. The sheer magnitude of 16.1 caused immediate anxiety and trepidation. Sadly, Dave Castro and the powers that be, forgot to consider the real world implications of

Why the challenge really begins, when the challenge is over. Sure, we sign up and suffer through the first weeks of adjusting and dealing with new foods. We commiserate with one another and share our delicious paleo recipes. We discuss carb

We spend the holidays overindulging and over-imbibing and by the time January 1 comes around we are ready to embrace that New Years Resolution because our bodies feel like crap. Said resolution then survives a hot second in the fabric of