Why The CrossFit Open Is Important

Once a year, hundreds of thousands of people across the country try their hand at a wod a week, for five weeks, to see where they fair. Some, are athletes looking to make The CrossFit Games and the rest, just regular people curious to see where they fall on the fitness spectrum. It makes for some fun conversation and friendly competition, but, that’s not the only reason it matters.

CrossFit, has exploded in popularity across America. It is the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry, with over 11,000 Affiliates worldwide. Each box is individually owned.  CrossFit HQ prides itself, on allowing affiliate owners the freedom to run their CrossFit any way they see fit. While this is great for the owner…it may not be great for you.  You have a lot of choice, without an easy way to know if that particular gym, is one of quality.

This, is why The CrossFit Open is a great way to learn a few things, about a CrossFit affiliate-ship.

  • Did the box promote The Open with it’s members and does it have avrupa yakasi escort & escort avrupa yakasi a healthy roster signed up for The Open? If the answer is yes, this means it’s a box that values a strong sense of community. Community building is an integral part of a successful CrossFit box. One of the most satisfying aspects of CrossFit for a member, is the camaraderie between one another and the friendly competition. This, is what keeps people engaged and enjoying the CrossFit experience.
  •  Do the Owners/Coaches participate in The CrossFit Open?  Having the owners and coaches participate, matters. This is the time of year where CrossFit athletes should shine. Do you want to be trained by someone who has a sub-par knowledge base of coaching and is unwilling to test himself against the herd? A Coach, who competes alongside his members shows them the process matters. A Coach, who has actually competed in The CrossFit Games is someone who values hard work, dedication to excellence and is continually seeking to improve. All qualities you need in a coach.
  1. Did the CrossFit box make The Open well organized and fun for it’s members? I don’t know about you, but I like things I pay for, to be fun. If I’m spending money, I want to enjoy the experience. I want to feel, that was the best dollar, I ever spent. Does your affiliate give you that feeling, or do you leave slightly disenfranchised? Are the members all posting away on social media about what a blast they are having? Wow, all your friends are down the road at SC CrossFit 165 (insert shameless plug here) and you’re sitting on the couch, reading all their fun posts. Maybe you should actually try this CrossFit thing out. If, a box’s members are posting away and having a ball, then chances are, you will too.

CrossFit is growing by leaps and bounds for a reason. It works, and it works on multiple levels. It helps its members get fitter, it helps its members learn how to eat healthier and it helps its members find community. Become part of the highest quality CrossFit community in your area. Look for the signs by doing a little bit of research. You’ll be all the better for it…maybe you’ll be registered for The Open next year.