The Danger in Glamorizing Obesity

There’s an environmentally caused, insidious disease infiltrating our society called obesity. Instead of being scared of the rates at which America is growing, we are defending the changes in our physical bodies with body positivity campaigns. It’s a dangerous position to take when dealing with a dangerous disease.
Please, do not misunderstand me. I am not belittling anyone for their appearance. I am worried about the future wellness and longevity of the human race. This is the first generation that will die sicker and younger than the one before it. That is a significant fact.
Jillian Michaels was recently in the news for her comments about Lizzo and her weight. They said she was “fat-shaming” Lizzo. As soon as someone in the fitness industry tries to sound the alarm, it seems they are attacked. Is it fat shaming to say Lizzo is at high health risk for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer? Jillian Michaels was not shaming Lizzo, she was making the point that we should be careful glamorizing Lizzo’s body. Lizzo is a beautiful, talented woman. Lizzo is also physically obese and at high risk for disease and a shortened life span.
We’ve allowed the Food Industry, Big Pharma and the chemical corporations to police themselves for safety. We say it’s in their best interests to produce a safe product because if they don’t, consumers won’t buy it, and they’ll go out of business. This is faulty reasoning. Are you, the average consumer going to have any idea what havoc the pesticides in that cereal will cause on your health? Will you be able to tell if using artificial sweeteners is destroying your gut flora? Did you know gut dysbiosis can cause obesity? Do most people even know what dysbiosis is? Of course not, no one teaches this in school. Dysbiosis is an imbalance of the healthy microflora (bacteria) in your intestinal tract. Those bacteria are responsible for a healthy immune system. The chemicals in our foods are hormone disruptors. Our hormones are our messaging system for our body. Once our hormones become deranged, the message does too, and disease takes root.
Every day we are unwittingly challenging our bodies with a constant assault of chemicals, pesticides, and genetically modified foods that have never been tested for safety on humans. Every day. Our bodies are truly miraculous pieces of machinery. They can compensate and clear out toxins…for a while. Then slowly they become imbalanced, overwhelmed and unable to compensate for the unnatural chemicals we are eating and rubbing all over our skin.
This is when autoimmune diseases begin to crop up as our immune systems become overactive from constantly trying to keep things in balance. We begin to grow cancers as our cells can no longer replicate properly. The day in and day out lack of micronutrients our bodies should be getting from vegetables causes malnutrition and we begin to gain weight. Our thyroids lose function, and our cardiovascular system starts to break down from years of too much sugar, and insulin in our bloodstream. I’m describing these things in the most simplistic of terms, but this is the gist of what slowly happens to us and what is causing obesity in America. While all of this is slowly happening to us, corporate America is figuring out a new ad campaign designed to get you to buy more of the very stuff that is killing you. They are targeting your kids with ads. Did you know that 20% of children are OBESE?
We are like lobsters in a pot. Slowly boiling to death without even realizing what’s happening to us. We’re wasting so much time trying to defend being heavier because we want to feel “good” about ourselves. What we should be doing is focusing on the life changes that will make us truly feel good about ourselves…having a healthy body. While it is discouraging that our capitalism has created an environment of greed, which is causing our obesity epidemic, our consumerism is also a powerful weapon. We, as American consumers must demand healthier products. Through our purchases, we must place value on non-GMO foods, organic foods, non-processed foods, and products without dangerous chemicals.
I believe that Americans have been tricked and misled all for company profits. I don’t think anyone who is overweight is weak or a less valuable person. I think this is a person who is unaware of the deck being stacked against them. This is why I spend so much of my life pushing this message out there. We need to stop glamorizing obesity and we need to start fighting back. You aren’t doomed to whatever your current condition is. Every day you have the power within you to begin to change your circumstance. Enlist help, change takes support.