The challenge begins when the challenge ends…

Why the challenge really begins, when the challenge is over.

Sure, we sign up and suffer through the first weeks of adjusting and dealing with new foods. We commiserate with one another and share our delicious paleo recipes. We discuss carb flu, water weight and new ways to cook a sweet potato.

The five weeks fly by and we find, at the end, that we are down (insert weight loss here) pounds and we did much better on the bench mark wod.

So now what?

Where do we choose to go from here?

This is the big question and the answer can only come from within you.

I will promise you that if you go back to your former way of eating with a few minor upgrades, like eating a salad or adding broccoli you will soon be right back where you were when you started the challenge.

The reason is, diets DO NO WORK. This is worth repeating and hey, what woman do you know that doesn’t repeat herself? DIETS DO NOT WORK. There, I feel better now.

This challenge is about exposure. It is about introduction. It is about realizing that there is another way to eat really delicious foods in a healthful manner. If you can flick the mental switch to understand this, you WILL be successful…for life.

I think, the key to success is the true understanding of how food affects our metabolic and biologic processes in our body. The only way to gain this knowledge, is through watching documentaries and reading from reliable sources.

Every cell in our body is nourished by the food we put inside of our body. This is just logic. If we die in the absence of food, then conversely, what do healthful, whole and natural foods do for our body? Every micronutrient needed by our body is found in a diverse variety of vegetables and fruits. The proteins we need found in good quality beef, fowl and fish.  The healthy fats, in the tallow of that quality beef and also through nuts and vegetables, such as avocado.

Food, is many things. It is fuel. It is comfort. It is tradition. It is reward. It is punishment. Food is life, in all its many complicated forms and feelings. This is why people fail so many times before they get to the success part.

To break through our ingrained beliefs tied to food, we must reprogram. This can only be done through knowledge, practice and repetition. This is why, the challenge is longer then a month. It is the hope, that in that time, you will form new habits that will carry you over the hump and propel you forward.  I will be honest and tell you that most, backslide and ultimately fail.

The people who fail are the ones who never really buy into the belief that food has the power to heal AND harm.  What’s the big deal about a little sugar? So WHAT about a few carbs? What’s a GMO REALLY going to do to harm me? People said these same things about cigarettes.  We thought antibiotics were a panacea too. We’ve come to learn that cigarettes DO cause cancer and antibiotics create as many problems as they help.  Just because your Mom said it was ok to eat all that crap, doesn’t make it true. Did your Mom take a nutrition course and read about food? Probably not. So, while I’m a Mom and I have love for all Moms, don’t take your nutritional advice from your Mom; unless of course she’s a Registered Nutritionist. Hahaha.

I want you all to go out there and educate yourselves. I want your goal to be a long, healthful life, not the loss of 10 pounds. I want you to think more globally about nutrition and its affects.

I want you all to be just a little bit like Jack LaLanne. Jack, was a badass about health even before it was cool to be health conscience.  Jack lived to the ripe old age of 96 and was said to be getting jiggy until the very end.  Can’t ask for a better life than that!