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Raise your performance with MyZone, our interactive technology that transmits your heart rate data and performance statistics in real time to our facility’s live screens, gym equipment, or your phone and smart watch.

The minute you step into the gym your device seamlessly connects to our system and all of your workout and performance data is presented to you right there!

MyZone enhances your experience both inside and out of SC Fitness

MyZone allows us to enhance our coaching and increase fitness/calories burned for our members during class. We’re going to instruct and motivate you to be the best version of yourself.

With live feedback during class, our coaches can see when you may need a tip or encouragement to keep you going. More importantly, when you may need to dial it back. That’s right you may actually need the opposite of that go faster!, one more rep! type coaching. It comes down to one thing: sustainability.

Our MyZone Heart Rate monitors are the most precise in the entire fitness industry, accurate to within 99.4% of an EKG.

This allows our coaches to know when to push you harder and when to scale back, tailoring the workout to your abilities.

The MyZone belt, app, and unique point system measure what actually matters for gym goers: exercise effort.

Wrist trackers don’t reward all your activity.

During a push up, the wrist doesn’t ‘move’ and the ‘steps’ are not counted. Burpees, pull ups, lunges, box jumps, cycling, boxing and yoga are among the activities that wrist trackers aren’t able to properly reward.

Wrist trackers prioritize irrelevant data.

General movement and sleep pattern data are prioritized by wrist trackers, but provide no relevant measurement or insight to your actual exercise habits.

Wrist-based heart rate detectors are inaccurate.

Brands that use this technology state on their websites that the devices lose accuracy if you are moving in a non-rhythmical manner, clenching your fist or moving  your wrist.

Heart Rate training is easy to understand.

MyZone works on five color zones. Each of these zones represent a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). This MHR is calculated specifically to you when you start training with MyZone.

When you are observed maintaining a higher heart rate than your current max heart rate, the system will update your max heart rate automatically. You will receive a notification from MyZone when this happens. This continually ensures that MyZone is set to you specifically.

Never Miss A Rep & After every SC Fitness class, you’ll receive an email summary detailing your calories burned, heart rate, MEP’s (my zone effort points!) and other metrics so you can track your progress over time.



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