SC 165 TAKES ON 16.5

SC 165 takes on 16.5 (notice anything there?) and the day was great, on so many levels.

Our “End of The Open” Celebration had been hyped for weeks. We had partnered with Bandier and Reebok to bring some great discounted gear for our members and we were excited for the day. Then…it happened, Castro announced what 16.5 would be. It was none other than the dreaded 14.5, a combination of Thrusters and Burpees meant to bring a man (or awesome woman) to their knees.


The fear was palpable in the box.  Even Coach Charlie wasn’t looking izmit escort forward to this final wod; 14.5 the ONLY wod that ever caused Coach to lose control of his body for about 20 minutes afterwards.

Coach pulled no punches. He didn’t try to sugar coat. He let all his 165’ers know. This is the worst wod you will probably ever do, just try to make it out alive. It’s gonna suck, no doubt. The look on people’s faces! Coach…how can you tell us this? What’s the strategy here? The strategy in  his opinion, “just break the movements from the beginning and keep going, because there is no time cap”.


March 26th: The day is finally here. The box looks great full of food, balloons and incredible looking ReeBok gear. We must have had seventy plus members roll through our doors. The support, excitement…and yes, I will say it dread, ha ha, was alive in the room.


The workouts began.  People approached their bars looking more nervous than I have ever seen them. Their judges were awesome. Talking them through, keeping them focused and pacing them. People were completing this killer wod in faster times than anyone thought.

So many of our 165 members deserve a shout out that to discuss them individually would take a blog longer than I could write, OR you’d wanna read. Let’s be real, in this age of media ADHD I’ve got you for maybe five minutes!

We have a diverse community. We have our little tweens who battle it out each week; not even old enough to register, but they attack these wods with determination in hopes to one day make the Games. Then, we have our women. The women of 165 are a hardy bunch. They may look pretty, but make no mistake…they will take you out if need be. These, are women with grit. We have two women in this group who are the top scaled athletes in all of the North East. You may say, scaled? So what? Rx that’s the true test. I’m gonna tell you right here and now…that’s bullshit. But we’ll get back to it. Let’s talk men. We have some older men, younger men and our largest group? The men in between. Our 35 to 40 somethings. These guys have really pulled out the stops this year. Losing weight, gaining strength. They came into this thing ready and quite a few of them lead the top of the scaled athletes in the North East. The last group: The Married Couples. This group deserves it’s own paragraph.


We have quite a few couples CrossFitting together and 16.5 bore witness to some brave, brave men. These men resignedly took their score boards and JUDGED…yes I will say it again…judged their wives. I watched on in abject fear for these men. I thought in my head “oh this ain’t gonna end well for these guys” but you know what? It did. They lovingly, but firmly pushed their women to finish at the best times possible. When their wives began to flag, they got right there in their faces and yelled “you got this, keep moving”…and their wives…picked up the pace. No one screamed. No one cried. They worked together as a unit to be the best they could that day. CrossFit brings couples together to work towards a common goal. Husbands and wives left that day…proud of each other. A beautiful thing.


I’m gonna circle back around now to why being a great Scaled Athlete is an awesome accomplishment.  In life, we all want to be great. We all want to run before we can walk. This isn’t how greatness is built. Greatness comes from doing, day in, day out until you can climb to that next level. Coach Charlie knows this better than anyone as he tirelessly works on his own athleticism to become faster, stronger and an all around better Games Master Athlete. He’s hitting the leaderboard higher this year and we are anticipating him blasting through the Masters Qualifier to make another run at The Games this 2016.

You cannot open a CrossFit Gym and one year later churn out a large group of Rx athletes. It just isn’t possible. What you can do however, if you do it right, is build a box of strong scaled athletes. Coach has accomplished this with the help of all his coaches in large numbers. We have an incredible number of members in the top scaled slots in the North East. I believe, this says more about our coaching than any ad or marketing technique ever could.  Speak to any one of our CrossFitters who have come from somewhere else and they will tell you they’ve gotten stronger and faster with us, then they ever did anywhere else. We are very proud of that.

So, next year…will be our third year attacking that Open. I think we will see our group of Scaled Warriors converting to Rx, they’ve done the work…

The CrossFit world will be noticing “The Little 165 Engine That Could” because the new kids on the block are gaining ground by the day. We now have TWO Master athletes poised to hit the Games this year. #165ways2bfit is a lifestyle, a methodology and a community that together is 165 times strong. We are excited by all our members accomplishments and their potential! So Monday…the work begins again!