Recap of 16.1 -Guest Post Tom Procida

In typical CrossFit fashion, the announcement of 16.1 was both dramatic and thought provoking. The sheer magnitude of 16.1 caused immediate anxiety and trepidation. Sadly, Dave Castro and the powers that be, forgot to consider the real world implications of selecting a 20 min AMRAP with movements occupying large portions of the BOX. Charlie was already aware of the pending logistical disaster but I validated his concern with some quick math via a txt message. 60 (members signed up) / 2 (2 at a time)= 30 Waves. 20 min * 30 (waves) = 600 total min. 600 total min / 60 min = 10 hours.

Therefore in order to “fit this in” it required Sean’s OCD to go into hyper-drive. He arrived at the Box at 4am to “prepare” for the open by making perfectly straight lines with white tape. Not sure when Charlie arrived but he wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic. Unfortunately, the 5am fighters were the recipient of his wrath.

Nothing like showing up to a 5am CrossFit class with intention of “going over” the moves in bakirköy escort anticipation of the real thing the following day and instead being blindsided by actually having to do the open. Wisely, I immediately conjured up an excuse, “Charlie, my back is tight, will do it tomorrow”. He either bought it or just figured it was in line with my “sandbagging” reputation. Either way I was relieved.

As a “judge”, I quickly realized the physical and mental fortitude required to a) finish the WOD and b) perform well and exceed expectations. Both could be viewed as successes. Our BOX experienced both outcomes. Some of our members and coaches were battling injuries and illnesses making it difficult to perform at their standard. Some absolutely CRUSHED IT (see SC’s post from earlier). Others were intimidated going in after seeing otherwise indestructible specimens experience severe pain (thanks Sean for fcking me up and causing me to adopt a strategy of taking a “mellow” pace hahahahaha or am I simply a sandbagger? I’ll let Charlie decide).

The 5am crew performed admirably given the suddenness of the experience. However, it is worth discussing an “event” that occurred which has NEVER taken place in the history of CrossFit. Nicole Murphy dropped a “weightless” bar and Charlie, due to the logistic induced stress, made a comment. Nicole’s adrenaline from the WOD prompted her to fire back forcefully. Wait, are you saying a potential fight almost broke out in a box? The land of the Cult? Where relative strangers are now “family”???? How can that be?? We love each other more than puppies, newborn babies and elderly grandmothers!! True to form, the CrossFit gods intervened and they hugged it out. The box reverted back to encouraging conversation, WOD comparisons, nagging injuries and Paleo recipes. Charlie returned to his normal coffee drinking, coaching self. Unsurprisingly, Sean maintained his normal OCD persona throughout. The tight spandex allows him to keep an even keel.

Unlike last year, it was difficult to witness everyone’s WODs but knowing the grueling nature of 16.1, it is truly amazing how well our BOX performed. Congratulations to Charlie on his first step back towards Carson. To the Brewski Bros, I know you are a little bummed out but life isn’t fair sometimes (flu, injuries etc…). I am 100% confident that 16.1 is an experience that will ultimately propel you to greater heights (in CrossFit and in life). The open isn’t over nor are your chances. You will absolutely CRUSH the next 4 WODS! Congrats to everyone SC’s post already congratulated. Special shout out to Mike G and Vinny for participating in the “First Responder Face Off”! By week 5, both will represent the box with distinction in the their division. For those of us sitting in 10,000th place, here is to moving up to 9,000th next week! It is all about improving and having fun.