No if’s, ands or jiggly butts…

I speak to people all the time about nutrition…lots of times I speak AT them too. By this I mean that they discount pretty much everything I’m saying because it doesn’t fit into their personal comfort zone.

Food is soooo much simpler then most make it. Do you seriously want to be healthy and feel energetic? If so I have a few sentences that will tell you what to do. Eat quality proteins. Do not eat processed foods out of a box. Eat a large variety of vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit. Drink water not soda or juice. Limit any products made with flour to the most minimal possible. Do that…get healthy. Seriously, it really is pretty basic. So why is it so hard for so many people?

This is why it’s hard. No one likes change. The only time we change is when being how we are is more uncomfortable then how that actual change will make us feel. Usually by that time we are feeling pretty damn crappy.

Food also is a huge part of our culture and our comfort. Italian? Have to have pasta on Sundays. Upset? That gallon of ice cream is a real nerve soother. We all do this in one form or another. Another thing I hear when asked about how to effect weight/health change; “I CANNOT live without bread!” Feel free to insert whatever food it is you cannot live without in that statement.

There is an internal language that hampers us from success it goes like this.

  • “I’m trying” (this means you’ve already left open the escape hatch for failure). Don’t try….instead say “I’m doing.”
  • “I cannot.” Of course you can. Instead say “I could have that but today I am choosing not to.”
  • “I can’t live without____.”  This negative view makes it all overwhelming. Try saying to yourself “I don’t want to eat that today.” One meal at a time people…

Do you see where I am going with this? Negative internal language is just setting us all up for failure before we even begin and most people have no idea they are doing it.

So take this scenario. I’m talking with someone and I say load your plate up with 3/4 delicious veggies and the rest a good protein ie: steak, chicken fish. This is often the response I get. I hate vegetables. All vegetables? Well, I eat corn. Corn my friends is a GRAIN. So I will continue on and say “have you ever tried to saute or grill veggies this makes them super tasty“. I always hit the same wall. The person will categorically blast through every vegetable known to man and flatly refuse to try them. Frankly, this is the person I have learned to let go of. I can’t care about your health more then you do. If you aren’t willing to branch out your chance of success is currently zero.

We need three things to be healthy:

  1. We need good proteins. All protein is NOT created equal. If your chicken is eating feed full of pesticides and chemicals then your chicken is GARBAGE. Conversely, if your chicken is eating organic high quality grain and allowed to peck at the bugs in the soil then your chicken has grown into a healthy source of meat.
  2. We need carbohydrates as found in a large and diverse variety of fruits and vegetables. These provide us with all the micronutrients our bodies need to function and flourish. If you don’t eat these then you are malnourished and most likely overweight as your body will be continually seeking these micronutrients out via an excess of calories. By micronutrients I mean vitamins and minerals found in these foods.
  3. We need healthy fats. Good fats such as olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and animal tallow are all necessary to keep our bodies humming. Fat actually stops us from getting fat as long as we don’t pair it up with an excess of sugar.

Sugar is literally poison in excess. Did you know that too much sugar flowing through your bloodstream can literally kill you? This is why our body produces insulin so that it can usher that sugar into the cells to be used for energy. The amount of sugar needed to fuel our cells is a tiny amount in comparison to the consumption of most Americans.  We are taxing our bodies ability to process all this sugar and it is then converted to all that lovely fat you are most likely looking to get rid of. It’s also a fuel for cancer.

Fat is not just this blob of jiggly flesh on your hips. Fat aka adipose tissue is actually metabolically active.

It is now widely accepted that white adipose tissue (WAT) secretes a number of peptide hormones, including leptin, several cytokines, adipsin and acylation-stimulating protein (ASP), angiotensinogen, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), adiponectin, resistin etc., and also produces steroids hormones.-National Center for Biotechnology Information. 

Adipose tissue produces estrogen among a host of other things. If you’ve seen heavy men with “moobs” its because they are cranking out more estrogen which are feminine hormones. It is also the catalyst for a host of other diseases. Cancer, Heart Disease, Poly Cystic Ovary Disease, Type II Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Sleep Apnea and a host of Autoimmune Diseases too long to list. You really want a piece of any of that? Furthermore, you want to doom your kid to that? Look at your child, not through the eyes of a loving parent in denial but with 20/20 vision. Is your child overweight? If so you’ve put them on the road to all these diseases. You need to soak that in. Your lifestyle is being passed down.  Make no mistake about it.

It is almost never too late to make positive changes. All we need to do that is the ability to recognize that we do the best we can do until we know better…then we NEED to do better. In simpler terms…wake up and smell the coffee.

You aren’t heavy because of your genetics…you’re heavy because of your diet. 

Listen, not everyone is meant to be a pencil and weight is affected by our genetics but we all have the ability to be leaner and healthier via our nutritional intake. Eat right, move and I can guarantee you’ll be fairly healthy. Eating right doesn’t mean you ate stringbeans with your pile of buttery mashed potatoes and a huge fatty steak. You have to have an honest assessment of your meals. Healthy looks more like; a nice piece of bell and evans chicken with some organic sauteed broccoli, roasted cauliflower and an organic salad topped with a little vinegar and olive oil.

So if you live in Nassau County get you’re jiggly butt down to SC CROSSFIT 165 and we’ll get you on the right road. If you don’t live in Nassau County then stay tuned because I’m going to continue to try to motivate you to love the only body you’re ever going to get.