Love the skin you’re currently in.

Very few of us have a deep self love and feeling of gratitude for our bodies. If we are heavy, we want to be thin. If we are thin, we want to be more muscular. If we have small boobs we want bigger boobs, perkier derrieres or badass biceps. If we have curly hair, we want it straight. I could literally make this example list go on for pages, but I know as you read it, you are already inserting your own running litany of inadequacies  escort antalya  into this blog. It’s just a freaking shame. 

So, we take our pitiful and inadequate selves and we get the nerve to walk into that intimidating CrossFit, because it boasts that promised land where bodies are beautiful and everyone is happy. The coach speaks with you, he/she assesses your ability, and your needs, and the work begins. It’s hard. You hurt. A lot. All the time. You want to quit. That negative body image that created the impetus to seek out CrossFit, now doesn’t seem like such an issue and who cares about that roll of flub you previously couldn’t even look at in the full length mirror. 

The quitting you are about to do, is caused by the very same thing that brought you to the gym in the first place. Lack of antalya escort appreciation for that beautiful body, that is uniquely yours. 


When we do not love and appreciate ourselves, we do not care for ourselves. It makes it doubly difficult to put in the work it requires to get our bodies back into optimal condition. 

I see so many different types of people walk through my doors. Young, old, overweight, athletic. They all have a story and their own feelings about their bodies they carry around, within themselves. 

What I love about the process of CrossFit, is the transformation of the mind, more than the body. 

When a person commits; when they agree to live through the soreness and actual fear of a workout, they change…emotionally. 


Suddenly, they hold their heads a little higher and begin to look forward to the challenge of the workout. Many of them don’t see a massive body change at first. What they see? Is their ability to ACTUALLY DO IT. That this body they previously and secretly despised in the mirror, just lifted 80 pounds in a power clean and lived through the most intense 20 minutes of their life. We begin to think…well, I may not look perfect but hey, that moment was P R E T T Y badass! 


Once we can flip that switch to gratitude for the skin we are in? Well, the world opens up. 

I believe, the most physical progress comes AFTER the emotional progress. All of us, are capable of so much more than we believe. 

What’s awesome and unique about CrossFit is the supportive community that comes with the workout. People bond over the intensity. The athletes, actually applaud and admire the ones who struggle. Getting out there and doing it when doing it isn’t easy, is admirable my friend! 


The 12 year old who just dead lifted 160 lbs is screaming words of encouragement to the 60 yr old doing burpees. I mean, really? Where else would you EVER see this? 

What we learn to appreciate in those moments, is our beautiful, strong, ever adaptable bodies. Without them, where would we be?

Isn’t it time you began to love the only body you’ll ever get? It will become as great as you think it is.