Driving your Ferrari out of the fog…

I think if you are going to read someone’s blog you should know a bit about them and why they’ve chosen to write it. So my first post will be about telling you my journey to better health and how I got there.

I’m going to start by saying I have never been overweight. I’m 49, I’m active and lean but I was pretty unwell a few years back. Health isn’t all about the pounds it’s more complex.

I’m a registered nurse and I worked the night shift for years which I swear was the catalyst for my ensuing health issues. I was tired all the time. Sleep was a drug I desperately needed and I counted my meager hours like crystals of crack. I couldn’t wait for the next hit. I cried the day I was lucky enough to be transferred to a day shift. Sleep is the number one thing necessary for good health above everything else…everything else. So, if you have sleeping problems this is the FIRST thing to remedy.

Once I got to the day shift I figured that I would feel better but I didn’t really. I was always drained feeling and living on caffeine. My joints hurt, my stomach was always bloated and uncomfortable and my memory was having issues too. Let me tell you when you are having brain fog in your early forties…you tell no one. This is some scary stuff my friend and you hide that as much as you can. I went back and forth to doctors with not many solutions. The gastroenterologist gave me Zelnorm for my digestive issues, that helped a bit. Zelnorm was pulled off of the market because it increased the incidences of heart attack. I was having chest pains and didn’t contribute it to the stomach medicine I was taking and do you know how I found out it had been taken off of the market? By my doctor you say? Oh no…my doctor never even called me to say “hey you better stop taking that drug I prescribed you since it’s been discovered it’s killing people.” A nursing friend read it in a journal and told me about it. God was looking out for me that day.  (The doctor never once suggested any dietary changes)

So here I was, bad stomach, feeling low grade crummy with no real answers and then the heart palpitations kicked in. You should know my Mother died at 54 of congestive heart failure so when my heart started acting up I thought “well here it goes” I was pretty scared and I didn’t discuss that too much either.  So off I went to the cardiologist. After the million dollar work up I got told the palpitations were “benign” and that I should take a betablocker for symptom control. When I asked why this was happening I got the pat answer of being a woman of a certain age and hormones and all that. It was around this time that I started calling bullshit.

Being a nurse and a naturally curious person I started investigating. I compiled all my records and labs and realized some of my electrolytes were slightly wonky. I went to a new gastroenterologist and told him my suspicions and he finally gave me a diagnosis of malabsorption.

I changed my entire diet and began supplementing the things I was deficient in and not absorbing well and I have not had ONE SINGLE HEART PALPITATION IN OVER FIVE YEARS.

Food is the answer to every chronic malady we have.

If you think of your body as a car ask yourself are you a Ferrari or an Edsel? Ferrari’s run on high octane fuel. They are sexy powerful machines. I personally want to be a Ferrari not an Edsel running slow on 87.

This blog is going to be dedicated to restoring your Ferrari to the powerful sexy beast you know it can be. I don’t care if you’re older or overweight. We all have a healthier version of ourselves waiting for us to let them out. We all can get stronger at any age. It is never too late to improve your state of well being. What you need to do this is a desire to want better for yourself.

Change is uncomfortable and one of the CrossFit Mottos is: Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable

This process of regaining health takes time and patience. You didn’t get this way overnight and you won’t get healthier overnight either but you will feel better faster then you thought possible if you do the work to get there.

Next up…how to eat