Group CrossFit Classes

Head Coach and CrossFit Games Master Athlete Charlie Cassara personally programs all of our CrossFit group classes. Charlie believes in a stronger longer approach to fitness and his WODS reflect this with a focus on form, strength and endurance.  Members experience greater fitness gains, move faster, lift heavier and run harder than they ever thought possible all while having a blast!

Under the direction and guidance of our coaches in a fun, controlled and professional atmosphere you will find that our programs will increase your: 

  • Cardiac endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Stamina
  • Coordination

We are more than a workout regimen; we are a community of like-minded yet diverse people working as one to support each other’s goals.   We are athletes, parents, housewives, teenagers, business professionals, first responders, senior citizens and children.

Specialty Classes:

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Joanna McKasty, a life long competitive gymnast and coach heads our gymnastics program. Under her tutelage you will learn the proper progressions to gain the strength, stability and mobility needed to gain proficiency in the gymnastics movements used within the CrossFit framework such as:

  • kipping pull ups
  • butterfly pull ups
  • chest to bar
  • toes to bar
  • muscle ups
  • hand stand push ups and handstand walks

This is not a stand-alone class but an adjunct specialty class to our Unlimited CrossFit program. Please see the pricing page for monthly fees

All of our coaches are able to provide personal training by request and mutual availability. One on one training is excellent for individuals looking for a more personalized experience. Personal training helps clarify goals, pinpoint weaknesses and optimize proficiency through a strategically designed program especially for you. Your coach can help you identify goals related to health, fitness and/or nutrition.

*Pricing for personal training is listed on our pricing page. Please Click HERE.