Couch to Competitor Games Style

The road to the CrossFit Games began with a trip to Walgreens for a bottle of Jack Daniels.
We all have our paths to follow.
In my last few posts I told you guys about my health issues that brought me to a cleaner more paleoish nutritional lifestyle. Well, read about Paleo eating without reading about CrossFit…ya can’t do it folks.
Back to Jack; we were in Florida going to Walgreens when I saw this old man shuffling into the store. He was so crooked he was looking at the cracks in the sidewalk. I looked at him and  said “Oh my God I need to do something or that will be me!” So in my naiveté I said to my husband “We should try that CrossFit thing it looks fun.” Fun I said…fun.
That my friends was the beginning of my husbands road to the CrossFit Games.
We walked into that first CrossFit box and the intimidation level was intense for me. My husband and I both thought we were going to die after that first workout. I wanted to quit…he was hooked.
He looked at me and said “Wow, I sucked at that. We have to join” I said, “I’m too old for this…it’s too hard.” Right there is where you know someone has the “right stuff” or they don’t. My husband was overweight and out of shape but he already had a winners mentality. When faced with a challenge he wanted to rise up and conquer…I wanted to join Planet Fitness. This story really isn’t about me but suffice it to say I continued on CrossFitting with my husband.
So here we are fast forwarding three years and countless training hours later. In these three years the hubs dedicated himself to getting stronger. Then when the love really set in, to learning how to coach and program effectively. He had great help along the way from some very talented people. He soaked it all in and he’s read countless articles and studied books on endurance, mobility, olympic lifts and the like.
We opened a CrossFit box somewhere along this fitness journey. First one wasn’t a good fit but a great learning experience. We left with high hopes that we had the right formula for SC CROSSFIT 165 and so far it’s working extremely well. We have a great group there and a team developing under Charlie’s programming and training but that’s for another article.
My husband qualified via The Open (a CrossFit qualifying event) to compete in the CrossFit Games Masters Division. Many people doubted his expertise level to be there. We heard whispers that there was no way Cassara could improve that much in such a short span of time to make the Games.
I only mention the detractors for a specific reason because in general I do not believe in giving negativity light to flourish. 
Off my man flew to Cali with our daughter (his greatest cheerleader) and a few friends. The moment was here and he was ready to leave it all out on the field. The first event wasn’t in his wheelhouse and he faired badly. Everyone was worried he would lose heart. I didn’t worry about that for an instant because I knew exactly what my husband was thinking; “I sucked at that. I gotta get back out there and kill the next one.”  A winner uses difficulty and failure as mental fuel and Charlie’s mental muscle is pretty much the Arnold Schwarzenegger of mental muscles.
So, he rested, regrouped and went out there event after event. Two events he came in 7th & 8th. Not bad for the new guy.
My husband ended his first Games experience with an 8th place event finish and 15th overall. It’s all on the video tape for anyone who ever doubted his right to be there. He surpassed the skills of 19,000 other men to finish 15th in the World and I think it’s pretty damn excellent.
So if you’ve been thinking about your lack of fitness pull out a bottle of Jack; or not…haha and realize that the only detractors that matter in this life are the ones that live in your own mind. They sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear “You can’t do this shit man, it’s too hard just go home now before you embarrass yourself.”  Or you look at a guy like Charlie and say “This guy’s an athlete. I’m never going to look like him.” This guy…well he looked just like you three short years ago.

If you live in Nassau stop in at our box. We’ll get you looking and feeling better faster than you ever imagined possible and if you don’t then find another CrossFit because it really is for everyone at any fitness level. You begin where you’re at and go from there. Maybe it takes you to the CrossFit Games or just maybe it stops you from looking at the cracks in the sidewalk when you get old. Either way you’ll be the better for it.
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