Always make a New Years resolution into a habit

We spend the holidays overindulging and over-imbibing and by the time January 1 comes around we are ready to embrace that New Years Resolution because our bodies feel like crap.

Said resolution then survives a hot second in the fabric of time because people in general do not do well with broad sweeping changes and discomfort.

So no resolution? No six pack abs or bulging biceps? Just give up? Hell no…

We need to attack our self improvement from a different mind set. Forget about that bikini ready body or the 50 pounds you want to lose. It’s too overwhelming. Instead, spend the first week just committing to showing up at the gym; SC CROSSFIT 165 specifically…haha.

Then, your next goal should be to clean up your nutrition. Best way to do this is one good choice at a time. Keep making that good choice until it doesn’t feel like it is an effort anymore to make it. This is when the choice has been incorporated into your routine as a habit. Habits are awesome because they don’t require effort or much thought. It’s just something we do.

For example; I aways put my keys on the hook by the back door because if I don’t I can never remember where they are! My crappy memory made it a necessity for me to develop a habit to fix this issue. This same approach works for almost anything you wish to improve. Pick one thing. Just one and stick to doing it. Try this. Eliminate all drinks except water and coffee or tea. At first it will be annoying. Stick with it. In a few weeks I guarantee it will become much easier and in a bit after that it will be a habit to just reach for the water instead of the flavored drinks. Now the water choice isn’t something of effort anymore. So next, add three new vegetables to your weekly meal rotation. Keep eating them until you truly enjoy eating them (and you will, it’s said it takes the brain ten exposures to something before it adjusts and accommodates) and once you find yourself reaching for them automatically in the supermarket then add another good habit to your routine.

This my friends is how true and lasting changes happen. There is no magic pill or potion. It is all about developing lasting habits to fall back on. As time goes on you pile one on top of the other and next thing you know you’re 30 pounds lighter and have double the energy. This will spur you on to add even more healthy choices to your routine.

This approach really does work. It is how I changed the fitness/nutrition habits of my entire family. Anyone can do this. Change takes a conscious choice. Beginning takes effort but a habit is effortless…aim to turn all your resolutions into habits and you’ll achieve your goals in a way you never thought possible.