Our Team


What striving for excellence means.
  • Waking up every morning before the sun to work harder in one workout than most people do in an entire week.
  • Tirelessly researching and developing programming.
  • Elevating oneself to a position of excellence through doing.
  • Besting 19,000 individuals to make The CrossFit Games as a Masters Athlete.

These are the qualities that your coach, Charlie Cassara possesses that enables him to compete to become “The Fittest on Earth”. These are the qualities that he puts into his programming, coaching and training of our team that will elevate you to a fitness level you never before thought possible.

These are the qualities that we hope you look for and expect in your fitness trainer.

All gyms are not created equal. All coaching is not created equal.
Come to the only facility on Long Island, owned and operated by a CrossFit Master Athlete and recognized by Reebok; the largest commercial partner of CrossFit.

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